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Founder and Owner Mariama Toomey has been styling hair since the age of 10. Originally from Liberia, Mariama was often with her mother Hawa who was a famous dance performer and would style the hair of Aminata a dancer also with Hawa. During Mariama’s play time Aminata would say, “Come Mariama and do my hair”. It was those experiences that gave birth to the career of Mariama and fueled her passion for becoming a professional Hair Stylist and Artist.
Since 2002 Mariama has focused her craft on Natural Hair and has not deviated from this path. Today Mariama has collected her years of experience along with inspiration from her mother, friends and loyal clients and centered them at Mayee Natural Hair Salon.

Mariama Toomey

“When our clients walk through the door their unique experience begins. Mayee Natural Hair Salon will always be a place of peace and tranquility the time you spend within our walls should be a place where you are insulated from the normal stress and negative energy that we all encounter on a daily basis. Each client will receive hair care specific to their personal style and hair condition.” “When I see the expression of happiness and satisfaction on the face of my clients when I hand them the mirror then I happy. This is my pleasure and what fuels my passion.”